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BLACKROLL® Australia

Not Just Foam Rollers

A new experience in functional and fascia training, BLACKROLL® delivers unsurpassed quality through German engineering & long-lasting polypropylene products, giving you premium tools for myofascial release & functional training.


  • Free of propellants & added chemicals
  • 100% recyclable
  • Made of stable, high-quality polypropylene (PP5)
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Prevent injuries & muscle damage, reduce chronic pain
  • Increase flexibility, strength & performance

Improving your health through better mobility, movement & fitness

BLACKROLL® fascia training products allow you to work on both mobility & strength. The two main components are:

  • Self-Myofascial Release (SMR): for increased mobility, flexibility, muscle recovery, injury prevention and treatment
  • Functional Training: for improved core, pelvic and shoulder girdle strength, coordination and balance

BLACKROLL® is not just about massaging muscles. BLACKROLL® enhances the health of our fascia by rolling the fascia (SMR) and with movement exercises to strengthen and balance muscles and joints (Functional Training). Both these activities encourage a healthier fascia that is smoother, more flexible, stronger, bouncier, hydrated and well supplied with essential nutrients.