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Ear Candles


As we all know detoxing is good for your body, cleaning out all the excess toxin and waste build up to give your body a well deserved rest. Ears are also a pathway the body takes to eliminate waste/debris, ear candling is a great way you can assist this process while detoxing. An extremely gentle and non-intrusive way to rid your ear of unneeded extra wax. Ear candling has known to help with chronic ear infections, swimmers ear, sore throat, tinnitus, sinusitis and chronic headaches.

Ear Candles Australia has been manufacturing 'healing candles', for around 17 years here in Australia. Their ear candles are a handmade large cone shaped at around 26cm to 28cm in length, around 2.5cm in width and tapering to 0.05cm. This design is a perfect design for creating an excellent vacuum and under pressure (chimney effect). The width at the top of the candle is bigger compared to the size of the hole at the bottom of the candle, being smaller, hence not only the under pressure but the vibration of the rising air column creates an excellent effect.

Ear Candles Australia only uses high grade Western Australian bees wax, direct from a local bee keeper as their processing of the wax is organic. By this we mean the bees are only taken to natural bushlands within WA, no pesticide, insecticide contaminate the wax. The correct temperature is used to keep the maximum healing properties of the honey/wax. Unbleached fabric is used in the making of our Ear Candles.

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Sold in a pack of 4 individual candles. 

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