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Rasa Derm Pitta Hydrating Mist

Rasa Derm Pitta Hydrating Mist


rose water  •  jasmine  •  moonstone

Cooling & calming for pitta skin & imbalances, including: sensitivity & inflammation, redness, hives, rosacea, sunburn or burning sensations. Jasmine essential oil lends further anti-inflammatory properties, nurturing & soothing pitta related aggravations such as irritability & frustration.

Edible ingredients: 
Rose (Rosa) Water*, Purified Water, Jasmine (Jasminum) Essential Oil, Moonstone Gemstone Extract, Grapefruit Seed (Citrus x paradisi) Extract, Almond (Prunus dulcis) Based Solubiliser. *Certified Organic

Product Description:
Pitta: combination to sensitive skin

100% hand made, organic, natural skin care

Proper hydration is the key to clear, vibrant skin. Often underused (much like we forget to keep up our daily water intake) hydrating mists are a pH balancing toner & ‘skin drink’ – frequent use throughout the day promotes soft, moisture rich & calm skin. Additionally, Ayurveda uses floral water as a carrier for nourishing oils – when mixed together, the water enables the oil to be readily absorbed externally through the skin’s hair follicles & glands.

To Use:
apply pitta hydrating mist liberally as a toner; to cool + refresh on warm days; during travel or at work; to reduce inflamed skin or emotions & balance the pitta dosha.

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