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Buteyko Breathing Re-education & Bodywork Therapy Session


    The Butekyo Breathing method was developed by Russian physician Dr Konstantin Buteyko, who conducted ground breaking research to determine the optimal breathing for astronauts during the Soviet Space Race (1955). Incidentally, his research uncovered a way to reverse asthma and a number of common health conditions.

    In a nutshell, Buteyko Breathing exercises are about re-establishing your innate breathing pattern (diaphragmatic and nose breathing); obtaining balanced levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitric oxide for circulation throughout your muscles, tissues, organs and cells. When this biochemical process is at its best so will be the detoxification process and all the other integrated systems of your body.

    Buteyko exercises are designed to:

    1. Re-educate and recalibrate the respiratory centres in your brain, using neuroplasticity to switch from an over-breathing state to small non-audible breathes, naturally reducing the number of breathes per minute (ideally 8-12).
    2. Increase the absorption of nitric oxide through your upper respiratory system.
    3. Allow your accessory breathing muscles in your neck and shoulders to take a step back as your main breathing muscle, the diaphragm, is activated correctly and strengthened.
    4. Supply your smooth muscles with enough carbon dioxide.
    5. Stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system.
    6. Alleviate conditions such as: asthma, coughing, excess mucous, frequent yawning, snoring, excess sweating, dizziness, brain fog, headaches, high blood pressure, pain in the chest, anxiety, racing heartbeat, depression, fatigue, muscle pain, gum disease, IBS, itchy skin, bed wetting, and sleep apnoea.


    Bodywork Therapy Sessions:

    Before commencing the breathing exercises, it is essential to unravel any existing musculoskeletal tension. In particular, connective tissue restrictions that are hindering the movement of your diaphragm, lungs and cerebellum. Taking this approach first will improve the communication between your respiratory organs and brain, making the breathing exercises more effective.

    Click here for more information and to book a session in Crows Nest.

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