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Rasasara Skinfood - Radiation Support Collection

To support you & your skin during & after radiotherapy, Rasasara has a select range of gentle, healing skincare. ‘Rasa Derm’ oncology packs treat inflammation and scarring, are suitable for use both during and after radiotherapy treatment and are also endorsed & used by Oncology Massage Training Australia.

Each of the products are 100% natural & Ayurvedicly formulated. Ayurveda stipulates ‘if you cant eat it, then you shouldn’t put it on your skin’. Formulated to treat ‘pitta’ or heat imbalances & conditions, which manifest on the skin as heat rash, rosacea, sunburn and sensitive or burning skin conditions, the packs provide clear guided instructions for the user and stipulate that the products not be used for up to 4 hours prior to your radiotherapy treatment, but after each treatment (as your getting changed) to aid in cooling and calming the treated area, upon arrival home, and also before sleep, to assist in the prevention of scarring and help release heat trapped in the skin. The products have a minimal ingredient structure (as little as 4 ingredients per product) and are applied as a light serum, that allows the skin to breathe whilst acting with great efficacy to assist in cooling the treated area.

It is advisable to continue using the oncology pack for the same amount of weeks you underwent radiation treatment, as it can take that same amount of time for the effects of the radiation to subside.