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Buteyko Breathing Belt

Buteyko belt is a simple and effective tool to enhance your practice of the Buteyko Method and significantly reduce your incidence of asthma, snoring, sleep apnea, anxiety and panic attacks. Wear for periods of time during the day and at night to achieve regular, light, calm breathing as taught by the Buteyko Method.

Suitable for improved athletic performance.

How To Wear: The purpose of the belt is to apply gentle resistance to your breathing so that you breathe lighter throughout the day and at night. You are breathing lighter when you feel the sensation of a slight hunger for air or desire to breathe more.

Instructions: Wrap the belt around your diaphragm so that it sits midway between your navel and your chest. Tighten or loosen the straps on each side of the belt to achieve the optimum resistance to your breathing. If you feel no air hunger, then tighten the straps until a tolerable air hunger is achieved. Conversely, if the air hunger is uncomfortable, then loosen the straps to achieve the optimum air hunger.

It is recommended for optimal use of the breathing belt, and to obtain proper diaphragmatic breathing, is to familiarise yourself with the Buteyko Breathing Method.

Belt Sizes: There are currently 3 belt sizes available (Small, Medium and Large). To choose your belt size, please measure the girth of your midriff (at the base of the ribcage). Please then match this measurement to one of the sizes listed above in the drop down menu.

Please note: due to hygiene precautions returns and refunds are not available.

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